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People are assholes - lil rant

I’m an immigration lawyer. Today I went with a client and her 12 year old autistic son to their “green card” interview.


The interviewing officer was noticeably uncomfortable around the son. The son was getting very agitated and upset and hitting himself. Obviously it is a stressful situation for everyone and he was trying to cope.

The interviewing officer pointed at him and then asked me: “I assume you’ve filed the appropriate medical waiver for his... condition?” (She was already told he has autism)


Me: “...for...his autism?”

Her: “Well sure...I mean it’s clear he has SOMETHING more than autism.”

Me: “UM NO”


Then she was a jerk during the entire interview. It was 4 hours long. It was horrible.


I spoke with a supervisor afterward. He went to ask her about the autism comment and she says she didn’t say that.

Nothing makes me more outright FURIOUS than when people outright lie. So it was her word against mine. The supervisor said that he “didn’t disbelieve me, because why would [I] make that up?” and I was like “Right. Also, because it did happen and there are 3 witnesses.”


I want to hide under my covers with wine and cry. BE BETTER PEOPLE.

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