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Welcome To The Bitchery

PiranhaGuy works as a server and bartender for a chain restaurant. It’s not unusual for people trying to get their bill comped with complaints. Typical complaints are things like perceived poor service, “finding” hair in food etc.

Well, today PG got a new one. A guy came in to eat at the bar where he was working. He served him, the guy didn’t seem much for chatting so PG left him pretty much alone. When it comes time to pay the bill the guy ruffles throughout his wallet, mutters “shit” under his breath, and says he’ll be right back. Guy walks to the front of the house and talks to the manager up there. The manager comes back to PG and says, “just be honest with me; have you had issues with flatulence behind the bar tonight?” This man said PG had been farting the entire time, loudly, and had even smirked at him about it. This is obviously all lies.


Guy gets most of his meal comped because it’s easier to just get him out than argue with a customer. Manager finds it hilarious. PG gets a shitty tip, because of course. 

Honorable mention to the couple that dined and dashed on Valentine’s Day but the woman forgot her purse behind.

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