Yesterday something lovely happened! I was having a terrible day, as all the lovely people on GT who offered support and hugs can attest, and I'd been crying in my apartment all morning over various things.

But when my roommate got home from work, she found a note on the door from one of our neighbors who had heard me crying and just wanted to say she hoped I was okay. We've never met her but she included homemade truffles and a book of crossword puzzles with her little friendly note! It's a little embarrassing to think I was crying that loudly because I hate for people to see or hear me cry, but mostly I am blown away by how kind my neighbor is! It just perked me up and made my day.

So now I am baking cookies and I am going to take them to her later and introduce myself (or leave a note if she's out) because I'd like to meet her now. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you all because it made me feel happy and I hope it will make you feel happy too. :)