A) littering

B) dangerous as in fire hazard

C) gross and lazy

We were shopping and drivng to the grocery store. Next to us at a red light I noticed the person next to me open their window. Now it was 30 degrees out. So that driver let into their car a blast of cold air. Why did this driver do this? To toss out a cigarette butt. Yes fire risk in New England is low and the butt landed on cement. Still its a bad habit dangerwise. Its also littering. The road which we pay taxes on should not be a smoker’s litter box.

Its also gross. Just because their lungs are getting destroyed others should not see our roads destroyed by trash because of their laziness not putting it into a ash tray which cars have. Actually putting it in their ashtray is easier then opening a window and tossing it out. So they feel their lungs should be destroyed, the streets into a trash can but their car remain butt free.

Horrible human.