I am on a board of a legal non-profit and we are putting on an event which raises about $20,000 to cover court fees & costs for people who can't afford it. I am in charge of sponsorship - aka contacting law firms to ask them for money. The bigger firms give us significant amounts - $1500, $2500, etc. A guy I'm friends with from the board was assigned one of these bigger firms. I know this firm is charitably inclined towards my organization, because they used to run a legal clinic and supply pro bono attorneys for the organization's cases. My friend claims he has had no luck finding anyone who can talk about sponsorship. I think he is full of it. When you google "firm + pro bono", you find their Chicago office's pro bono partner, and she happens to be a former board member of our organization. We could have spoken to her months ago, if he'd been honest, and possibly gotten a big donation!

There are so many people who want to put this board on their resume and not actually do anything to help, other than show up to the events and drink. It's incredibly frustrating because often, all it takes to get these sponsorships is a series of a few emails, which doesn't significantly cut into anyone's time. But that tiny bit of time, if it results in a $2500 donation, gets 25 people legal assistance.

FAKE CHARITY is so annoying.