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I swear crime would go down if folks did this. But nope.

My cousin’s BFF from childhood well her son (the BFF’s son) was in the newspaper. My cousin has known the mother since their mother’s were pregnant. Now my cousin she is circa 60 along with her BFF. I have knwn the BFF from holiday parties my cousin has and met the son (now mid30s).

Well the son was married with a young child. A year ago his wife kicked him out when he started doing drugs again and got full custody by a judge.


My cousin has been telling us (my mother and I) the son has been picked up a few times for dealing. Well now he is in the local newspaper over a column of his charges and what he was dealing, meth, cocaine and mushrooms.

My mother’s first thing she said was “his poor mother and his family how must they feel”..

I can sympathize with addicts but dealing is a whole different ballgame. You are not just putting your life in danger but others too. How many folks died from his selling, I have no idea but its very possible.

Sorry but maybe these folk before they broke the law thought “maybe I should not risk putting my family through this hell if caught,.which I will be”.


Yet in Merry Ol’ England folks who committed even what we consider minor crimes were sent to the gallows. By the multicartfuls if the Moll Flander’s 1990s miniseries is accurate or what Fagin in Oliver said (the novel) at the end of the novel when he reflected that most of his friends went to the gallows. The novel ending is completely different from the musical.

These folks never thought what their family would think if caught, which always was a near certainty and they were facing the gallows. So why shoud I expect those today to think it through what hell they would put their families through. Historically jail sentence isn’t that bad.


Yes I sound judgy.

Update I should have stated this earlier but the drugs of meth, cocaine and mushrooms had a street value of over 5k which were found in his apartment.

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