We knew this morning was going to be big at the food pantry. Here’s a photo taken at 8:39, when most of the food had already been staged for pickup (we open at 9:00 AM every Saturday). The table in the foreground is our “bonus” table--those who bring a reuseable bag instead of taking one of our disposables can choose an item from this table.

Here’s another, taken at about 10:15, when the rush had died down to a trickle. We officially close at 10:30 AM:

We had 347 people through the line this morning (close to a new one-day record, and 140+/- of these also got clothing). All of the produce (visible in the right section of the upper photo) went, around 700 pounds of rice, lots of canned goods and meat and pasta and...

It’s Thanksgiving, folks, and people are hurting. Please consider donating to your local food pantry or food bank.