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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey guys, after being alerted by some commenters, I read more and became aware that the blogger of MedievalPOC is pretty awful in a lot of ways: belligerent, racist herself, and historiographically inaccurate. However, I still believe in the concept of the blog, if not the execution. So instead of deleting this post all together, let me share this article about Fanny Eaton, a woman of color who was a model and muse for many of the Pre-Raphaelite artists of the mid-nineteenth century.

Illustration for article titled People of color in European art history (updated)

Why [is Fanny Eaton important]? Were it not for a surge of attention over the last few years, Eaton could well have been blanched from history, a nameless face and figure in a proliferation of works. She serves as a haunting reminder of the many lives of marginalised people whose existences have been erased. New information and works continue to appear, but much about Fanny Eaton remains in obscurity, and pending more definitive research she may carry on inhabiting the fringes of history. The handful of women who modelled for the Pre-Raphaelites have shaped our contemporary notion of the artist’s muse, and it is vital that Eaton, who cuts such a distinctive figure through her epoch, is incorporated into this narrative.

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