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People Power with ACLU

Are you feeling powerless in the face of the constant erosion of civil rights by the Trump Administration? Maybe People Power would be a good place for you to connect with like-minded people in meat-space!

Below is a sign-up with zip-code search to find an event near you. (Full disclosure: I’m hosting an event in little NH; these are happening all over the country!)


Sponsored by the grassroots arm of the ACLU People Power will be doing a livestream hour-long seminar on Resistance in the age of Trump on March 11th from 4:30 until 6pm EST. This will hopefully be the first of many such actions that will get us up, out and armed with information.

I’ll post an update after the event if there is interest in a recap!

And as always: the ACLU relies on donations to do their work. They received a LOT of funding at the national level in response to the Muslim Ban, but targeting donations to your local ACLU chapter will ensure that communities at risk in your own region are able to access the help they need.

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