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People Really Like These?

At my favorite local grocery store which has a caféteria I first went to their sandwich/pizza section I was going to get a slice of pizza (a quarter of a 19 inch pizza enough for a meal) with a 16 once plastic bottle of 1% Chocolate milk which I got in the dairy section.

Anyways I spotted the following on sale. I was a package of 2 sandwiches of Buffalo Chicken Salad Sandwich. I like chicken salad. Not love it just like.so I thought umm could eat each in two bites.


It was exactly like these but the salad was very, very red. I went to pay and I got a marshmallow donut with it. The sandwiches were tiny.

So I sat. There was a copy of the newspaper sitting in another table so I went over and picked it up. To read and leave for next person. Anyways I opened up the package. I realized I had to get up and go for the napkins so I walked across the cafeteria to get a few.

I sat back down and while reading front page I bit down on a sandwich. So gross. Ugh spicy. So spicy. I looked at the donut and said “five bites at most maybe six of these sandwiches”. About 8 bites. So awful. The chocolate milk and donut were excellent.

My mother finished grocery shopping and had some of my chocolate milk.

People like buffalo chicken? Really? I will stick with pizza or other types of sandwiches. I felt that buffalo stuff for long time in my mouth.


Newspaper was dull and I discovered the piece with Dear Abby and Pickles was missing. Pickles is hilarious to read.

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