The TV station I work for has an official Facebook page, as well as standalone website, and a lot of news stories get shared between the two sites. Since I joined the station, one of my new favorite activities has become hate-reading the ignorant comments on the stories that get posted to the Facebook page. You won't believe some of the stuff people say while posting under their goddamn real name. Anyway, we're hiring for a sales coordinator, and I guess we're pretty desperate as we posted the job notice for it on the Facebook page. Even something as innocuous as that elicited comments, and not just practical questions about the position. All of our job notices end with a line about how the station is equal opportunity and women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply. And someone got laughably indignant over the EOE notice ... or something. Just read it (and weep to yourself):

I don't even know what's going on here. I give up on these people.