Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Argggggggghhhhhhhh! People are fucking terrible. Especially on facebook. But we all knew that already. And nope this really has nothing to do with me this time. A friend of mine from high school posted a big long status about a good friend of hers who lost her husband in a car accident last night. They have 3 young sons and it’s so close to Xmas. I don’t know these people but my heart breaks for them. So anyways not the point. Some asshole comments on this (who I assume knows both the woman who lost her husband and my friend) writes “so sorry for your loss… REMEMBER GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES”

What the ever loving fuck!? Who thinks this an appropriate thing to say to someone who lost their SO the night before! I’m sure she and her 3 sons feel like God make a big fucking mistake. I just find it so cold when Christians (sorry, not sorry it’s mostly those guys) talk about how God has plan when that plan caused so much pain. It’s so insensitive. And it makes the person saying it feel better, not the grieving. I get that knowing what to say to someone going thru immense grief is hard. How about in this age of the internet you google appropriate things to say?! It’s not that hard. Fuck! I hate people sometimes.


/end rant

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