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People that do it well

I am in no way a paid spokesperson for them, but there is a clothing store where I live that I love - they do custom designed clothes in vintage silhouettes, and they usually do a mix of gorgeous solid colors or really pretty or cool prints. (Taylor Swift wears their stuff, which is pretty amazing for a little local store, and Kristen Schaal wore one of my favorite rocket print dresses on a talk show once!). I'd honestly wear all of their clothes if I could afford them.

But pretty clothes aside, they just do a really great job of being body positive and friendly in all their stuff without making a big deal about how wonderful they are for doing it (looking at you, Dove). Their dresses usually go up to a size 18-20 which is unusual for a boutique place, and they usually feature regular local women and employees of all sizes and shapes in their posts and blogs. No pointed targeting towards bigger women or smaller women; just very all inclusive of everyone.


For instance, today this was their blog post about a new fabric they're using and the different styles of dresses they're making with it, and each woman talks about why they chose that style and what it does for them.

Anyway - it's not the most miraculous thing in the world, it's just it's nice to see a place do it well.

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