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A few days ago, RedHandedJill made a post about the show Stalker, which yes, has been a bit uneven, but may be seeming to find its feet.

But if you have been sticking with it, it has one high point which was mentioned in the comments ... the soundtrack. More specifically, the covers they have been playing at the end. Almost downright creepy remakes of classic songs that when you listen to the lyrics some - of course - are clearly pretty stalkerish - I mean, how else can "Every Breath You Take" be taken? But others, like "Be My Baby" when redone and taken in the context of a mother who has become obsessed with another woman's child after the death of her own are absolutely haunting. Like, you replay the end of the episode over and over to hear the music and think, "Where can I get that song?" type haunting.


RedHandedJill did a good job compiling links to a bunch of YouTube videos of them. Some are available on iTunes (the "Be My Baby" redo is in such high demand the artists are trying to get permissions from Warner Brothers to release it but haven't yet - shame, there's a goldmine they're missing out on). But then today in my car I heard "Mad World" by Tears for Fears which reminded me of the time I heard the Gary Jules remix on Cold Case and was so obsessed I had to hunt it down and buy the CD online so I could have that song. And I thought, that song would be perfect on Stalker. And I wonder what other songs would be good?

So those of you who are watching - do you know of any good remakes that would fit the vibe of the show or feel like hunting for any? Up for a game? I'll start. I was looking at my playlist for "stalkerish" songs that maybe someone remade and found this and think it would be perfect:

Who's next?

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