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People who game: I need game suggestions... UPDATE

So after reading Ursus-Veritas' post The Female Writer Abused by Angry Dragon Age Fans Has Left Bioware, I remembered that it has been _FOREVER _since I have gamed. I have no idea what is out, what is cool to play, or what game I need to avoid like the plague. So I need some suggestions. I have only 2 requirements:


1) That it can be played on Xbox 360.

2) That it has a great story with equally great game play.

I like games that are like the Fable and Dragon Age Series. I played Skyrim but just could not get into it. Games like Batman Arkham Asylum would be cool too. Any and all suggestions would be wonderful.

UPDATE: I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thank you all for the suggestions and keep them coming if you have more. Its been about a year and something (I think) since I have played anything or even look to see what is out. I think its time for Gamefly to start taking my money again.

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