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People who need to be ~special~

Dear Cool Girl,

As a lifelong feminist, let me explain something to you… I also never cared about manspreading. I’m a very thin woman with abnormally wide shoulders. So for me, it’s more so been about men taking up all my arm space on subways. But you know what? If all other women complain about manspreading, I support them. I don’t shit on them. I don’t mock their problems as trivial, because wasn’t that already implied? Making a cutesy name like “manspreading” is sort of introducing this idea in a glib way already. It’s small problem. But they all know it. Cool. Attention called and mission accomplished.


Let me tell you something, Cool Girl. I’m glad you found your MRA audience. But I see you straddling that line. You’re young and fucking desperate to prove yourself as someone who “thinks differently,” congrats on living your life as an Apple slogan btw, but you’re so dedicated to this that you allow yourself to ignore the mold growing in your mind. Can I remind you of the men who praise you? The ones who will completely abandon you when you’re 25 and “over the hill”? Unless of course you ratchet up the crazy. Do you wanna be Ann Coulter, Cool Girl? Cause that’s no longer a beautiful, pegasus unicorn, elf straddling two worlds and easily seeing the flaws of each. That’s just a plain old sexist asshole. But hey. She makes money. And by that point you’ll be out of options anyway. Well, “mommy” is always available to you. What? Am I not allowed to make a sexist joke? But you take it on the chin so well when it’s your male fanbase! How come it’s not also cool when women do it? Is it because I should be more aware of that bullshit? Is it because you get no magical Cool Girl points when a fellow woman rubs your nose in it? Is it because on some level you still think men are above women?

Oh. There it is.

Fuck you. 



This incoherent rant brought to you by Jägermeister and wine

...you beautiful GT peoples.

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