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Welcome To The Bitchery
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People who want to "elevate their brand".

Today I realized a person who I once had to work with a little bit and who I do not like has managed to amass actual internet celebrity. Not like, millions of followers, but like 70k and climbing. How irritating.

When I worked with him — trust he has no idea he worked with me, even though we communicated via multiple emails and coordinated online — he had less than half his current following. At one point I tried to contact him directly to coordinate something and he wouldn’t reply to me, only to ownership. People who exclusively deal with ownership are insufferable assholes, every one.


To add injury to insult, in that case his working directly with ownership actually led to that partnered promotion totally failing and being pointless for legal reasons the people at the top weren’t aware of and he had no experience with.

His whole brand is built around being this nice, goofy person, and I’m sure he is... to the people he thinks matter.

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