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People with sensitive skin

Please help. Makeup advice needed!

Oh, first, I got a new job! I am now a sales associate at Victoria's Secret. Today was my first day. It went pretty well. I gotta really memorize all the bras, which is a bit overwhelming (SO. MANY. BRAS.) but all my coworkers/managers seem really nice and were helpful today. It's just a seasonal position, so it'll probably end in February unless they really like me and want to keep me on as a regular employee.

Anyhow, makeup. I usually don't wear makeup but I have been more lately. However, I'm having some foundation issues. As I normally wouldn't wear makeup daily, it never caused a problem, but since I have been wearing it almost daily I've noticed that my skin is kind of sensitive. I've been using a CC cream that's a bit on the heavy side (I don't remember the brand) and my skin isn't liking it much. After a few days of wearing it, I noticed that my skin is getting kind of blotchy and bumpy. Not full on acne, though.


I've been sure to wash my face well every night and it's not really helping. So I was wondering if you guys had some suggestions for foundations for what appears to be sensitive skin. Save for right now, I usually have pretty clear skin so I don't need something too heavy (I've only been using the full-coverage CC cream because my sister gave it to me and it was all I had). Any suggestions? And/or any tips for how to soothe my upset skin?

Thanks GT. I just don't want to keep making my skin worse, you know?

And wish me luck at my new job! I hope I enjoy working there, I think I will.

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