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People With Service Dogs

Sometimes I wonder if there are more fake service dogs then real. Over the last two months my mother was

1. talking to a man whose service dog a pit was trying to jump on her and she kept backing up.


2. a woman in her twenties was walking her service dog at the mall and the dog was walking and sniffing everything she was walking ahead of us. She went into a store we were also going to and I saw her hand off the dog to her husband/boyfriend and said “take him while I shop”. Whose service dog was this?

3. Today a man with a small service dog was licking my mothers leg while talking to him. This could be a legit service dog on break.


My mother does know a woman who bought a service dog jacket from Amazon the dog is not a real service dog, the woman says stores never ask. 

I know a woman who trains service dogs and she says she teaches dogs that their only attention should be on the person.

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