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People you hate, but also want to be

I started following this blog a while back, because I think Joy the Baker linked to it and said "I hate this woman, but I also want to be her." Or maybe just the last part, because Joy is a nicer person than I am. Let's take a brief tour through the life of Mimi Thorisson, shall we?

She grew up in Hong Kong and has lived in Paris, London, Singapore, and Reykjavik, but she now lives in Médoc, France. Everything is beautiful there, and it appears to be nothing but vineyards, chateaux, and markets.


She is beautiful and has four beautiful children (plus one more on the way) as well as a husband and two stepchildren, who are also beautiful.

She also has fourteen dogs, most of them Jack Russell Terriers, and somehow this is not utter chaos. All of her dogs appear to be beautiful.


In her most recent blog post, she ate lobster and explored a ruined chateau with her family. C'est normal.


In November it was dreary and rainy outside. Instead of crying into a mug of Swiss Miss like ordinary mortals would, she put on a glamorously floppy hat, grabbed some rustic-looking baskets, and went hunting for wild mushrooms.


I'm actually not sure if Mimi Thorisson is a real person, or just an elaborate fiction created to make everyone else feel bad about their lives. I hate her a little bit, but I also want her life. I would even (maybe) be willing to deal with six-going-on-seven children and fourteen dogs if I could have her life. If I got on a train to Médoc, do you think she would let me live with her?

So, Groupthink, who else do you hate/want to be?

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