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People You Thought Were Fictional But Were Real or Vice Versa

For some odd reason I thought Annie Oakley was a fictional character made up for a musical. Nope she is real.

I found out with this DVD set I bought of 150 TV Westerns for $2. I bought it for the price.


I noticed some Annie Oakley episodes and thought “oh wow she is a popular character from a musical to tv show.”

I youtubed it and found right off the bat a musical group called Annie Oakley Hanging. Ok I thiught that’s ghoulish. Note to self youtubeing not always a good idea.

Who did you think were fictional but turned out real.


So I wikied her name. She actually existed. A sharpshooter but also pushed for women to be in the military as sharpshooters (snipers I assume is same word) and for educational rights for women. Her views on guns is extreme but given her career its not shocking.

Who did you think were fictional but discovered they were real.

I suspect I thought she was fictional due to my overwhelming lack of interest in the Old West/Frontier Days. I knew Billy the Kid. Seeng a documentary as a young child of the Massacre at Bull Run never left me. Beyond that no. Yet the East Coast rise of the Rockefellers and Ford did plus the border crossing of.the Quebec residents for work in the mills and their impact on New England did too.

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