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I hate that I have this persistent awful cold that just won't go away. I hate that my period is super late (even though I haven't gotten action in forever). I hate that I'm feeling fugly and gross because of acne, bloat, and just a general unhealthy cloud from this dang cold. I hate that I'm out of work and getting gigs in my field is an endless stream of pain and nothingness.

And I haaaaaate that I developed a crush on a dude from the film I worked on last month and of course he has a girlfriend back home and of course he was super nice and funny and wonderful and OF COURSE once he and the rest of the out of towners went back to halfway across the country— which, let's face it, might as well be halfway across the world when you're living in New York— he stopped commenting or liking my A+ stuff on Facebook, so obviously he doesn't miss me one bit and never particularly cared about me in the first place.

Argh, I'm sorry the last time I made a lengthy post in groupthink it was another complain-y whinefest littered with "I hate"s but I'm feeling really pathetic and bleh right now so I could really use some cute/funny gifs and words of wisdom if you have any spare.


TL;DR: Tell me it's gonna get better. :(

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