Week three with Pepper, everyone's favorite girl. Her owner says she's going to take her back every weekend but never comes to pick her up because "she's too busy." Pepper came to us with no toys and a really bad UTI. Now she has quite a few balls and squeaky things she's learning how to play with (what two year old dog doesn't know how to enjoy a ball?), and her UTI's almost cleared up. She seems happy and calm and well-adjusted here. But her owner, who has admitted she never wanted a dog in the first place and can't see herself caring for Pepper 10-12 years down the line, wants her back. Now the custody battle ensues.

The five of us in the apartment have differing schedules. This means Pepper is rarely by herself and there is always someone to walk her/scratch her butt/take naps with her/teach her awesome tricks. Everyone here loves her and is willing to help out. Everyone has their own special thing they do with her (I am the indulgent one- we go on long adventurous walks and then we come home and take long naps together). There's so much more she's capable of, and so much more we can give her- but unless we've got permanent custody these efforts are futile. It's not fair to us and it's not fair to her.

Pepper's owner would ideally like her to go to a family with another dog- it'll be sad to see her go, but if it's what's best for her then I'll be fine- but she's not actively seeking other people out. She wants to take her back first. Why uproot this dog when she's already settled, especially if this move is only going to be temporary until you find a permanent home? Why not schedule a time with us for people to come see her, and go from there? Why do all this anyway when she's currently got a home with people who care about her and were willing to keep her from the get-go?

This whole situation makes me angry. I want what's best for Pepper, and I think she'd do well here, but I also feel like if she's going to go she needs to go now. Because we're all getting too damn attached to her, and she's getting too attached to us.