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"Per my previous email..." or, Adventures in Passive-Aggression

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Sooooooo we received the in-laws’ annual Christmas letter last week and apparently I’m on the outs this year. No pic of me (there’s a lovely one of everybody else including the dog) and I think it’s because I got my picture in the local paper last summer wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. We are Whitey McPalefaces and they DO NOT APPRECIATE my politics. At all. They don’t seem to appreciate my purple hair, either. Or the tattoos.


Also I’m only mentioned once and then only as “Mr. Possum’s wife”. 2 years ago I got my very own paragraph and it was so exciting, you guys.

Also the envelope was addressed to “Mr. and Mrs. Possum” even though we don’t have the same last name. And, you know, we’ve been married many years. And I’ve had that conversation with them more once.


Thank God my husband 1) gets it and 2) finds it as entertaining as I do!

So, who’s been P-A’ing you all recently?

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