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Perfect Date Open Thread!

Happy April 25th everyone!

Is today your perfect date? Is today ironically terrible? Tell me all about your life, GT!


Personally, work has been insane (our biggest competitor made an enormous mistake that screwed over literally 100% of their clients, so we have been uh, busy, to say the least), and I am now traveling last minute to California. Which was stressful because it is a last minute trip and my regular dog sitter isn’t available, but then my lovely office manager is secretly getting me a pet friendly hotel and said I can just secretly take my tiny pup with me since I’m traveling alone anyway, so yay!

I also got hit by a car on my bike in rush hour traffic this weekend (truly, it’s not hard to look behind you before you open your car door into traffic.) and am blessedly okay excepting deep muscle bruises down my hip and especially my upper arm where I landed that I am hoping aren’t hairline fractures or anything. Mostly I feel like people are thinking I’m faking for sympathy because they’re the bruises where you can’t SEE there is a bruise, but it hurts darn it! And additional PSA: wear a helmet. I was wearing a helmet and literally the only part on the left hand side of my body that doesn’t hurt is my head.

Oh also, I joined hinge this weekend. I have messed around on OKC and tinder, never seriously, because most of the guys on it are just not... interesting. I’ve never talked to anyone I wanted to meet IRL. And even the ones that seem normal I have to wade through like 70000 weirdos to get there. But hinge seems like... full of normal nice human boys who I would date?? I like don’t even understand where they are finding them all. Thoughts? Experiences?

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME! Perfect date me!

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