So this afternoon, I was in my classroom alone on my prep, when the door to the adjourning classroom bursts open, and a kid runs in. I hear his teacher calling after him to go to the office, and tell them that her major behaviour kid won't leave him alone. This kid runs through my classroom, and into the classroom beyond.

I rush over to the door and close it, to make sure that Next Door's Major Behaviour (NDMB) doesn't rush in after him.

A minute or so later, NDMB is at the front door of my classroom, looking for the other kid. When NDMB sees he isn't there, he runs off down the hall towards the VP's office, which is on our floor.

I figure I had better follow, in case he catches up with the other kid. I get to the VP's office, but she (and the other kid) is not there, so NDMB keeps running. The school halls are square shaped, so I go back the other way to let his teacher know the VP isn't there, and neither is the other kid. NDMB runs past me again, and down the stairs. I follow, but I am too late to the stairwell to tell if he went to the main floor, or the basement.

So I stop at the main floor and go to the office, to see if NDMB and the other kids are there. They are not, but the classroom teacher had finally go through on the PA system, and just as I get there the Secretary pages the two boys to the office. The other kid comes down the hall with NDMB in pursuit. First kid takes a seat in the office, NDMB comes in behind him, and tries to dump him out of his chair.

I say "NDMB Stop it!"

The Principal is standing at the other end of the office. He hears me and looks over and repeats "MDMB, Stop!" (Yes, he said the kid's name wrong.). NDBD ignores him, and leaves the office through the front door. I see the Principal step toward the side door, and I watch to see where NDMB goes, and when I see him heading down the hall by the side door, I tell the Principal NDMB is headed that way, thinking he is planning to go out that door and get him. I then follow NDMB into the hall, ready to help block him.


But when I get out in the hall, the Principal isn't there, and NDMB is halfway down the hall. I go back into the main office, and the Principal has gone back into his office and closed the door. I tell the secretary which way NDMB ran, and go to pick up my own class, as my prep is now over.

NDMB continues to run around the school for the next period, occasionally sticking his head into other classrooms, until a Grade 7 teacher randomly catches him, and not knowing the story, returns the kid to his classroom.

Would it have killed the Principal to actually have done *something* to apprehend a kid who had just been paged to the office and attacked another kid when he got there?


What does it say that random classroom teachers on their preps do more to try and deal with this kid than the Principal?