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Perfect Response to Kotex's "Crotch Sweat Stain" Ad

So apparently U by Kotex has been running this ad in Australia:

For special pantyliners to absorb sweat in a woman's crotch so she doesn't get sweat patches on her clothes down there.

(Is this even a thing? I can't recall it ever being a problem.)

Anyways, Australian Comedian Sammy J. has the perfect response:

The best bit:

"The website says, and yes, I am word for word quoting: " It's time we all stop being shy about vaginas". And then you click the tab and they're promoting guilt, shame and embarrassment, to sell their panty liners. So young girls if you're listening, and your crotch is feeling sweaty, you can chose to use a liner, do whatever sets you free. But as you make your way through life avoid dating in the arseholes, who would make you feel as bad as pantyliner companies!"

Via The Bust


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