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Teen girl drama in my house tonight. My daughter came home from her job at the mall, sniffling, and headed straight to her room. Generally my rule of thumb when she's gotten herself worked up over something is to give her a little space to allow it to work itself out first, then check in and see if she needs to talk it out.

So I head in about 15 minutes later and she's still got a pretty good cry on, and it doesn't take much prodding to find out that she got an ugly text from a "friend" ... who then apparently also gave her number to several boys at school who then sent her sexually explicit texts. Mind you, my daughter hasn't even had a boyfriend yet.

I'm a highly educated gal and generally very polite. But we went through some significant bullying issues against my daughter when she was in junior high about 4 years ago, and I think I'm almost just as emotionally scarred by that whole thing as she is. So, when she told me what happened tonight, my brain immediately went all ...


I sort of lose all rational thought when I discover someone is picking on my girl. I start sounding like a female Joe Pesci, "She thinks she's a bitch? You tell her she better watch out because I am ten times the bitch she will ever be. You girls are playing in the amateur leagues ..." and I know that is not the correct response.

But seriously? Mess with my kids, and all I can think is ...


Deep breaths. I need deep, cleansing breaths. How'd that damned Lamaze breathing work? And someone please tell me things will be better in the morning.

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