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Performative Wokeness

So last night I decided to check my still active for lulz but otherwise dormant OKC account.* That’s where I got this:

Illustration for article titled Performative Wokeness

The profile image is of a white dude on a white background, and literally everything about this screams creepy. So then I went to his profile out of curiosity, and if I had a performative wokeness bingo card I’d totally win. Some choice cuts:

“I am not a woman but I am a feminist. It’s important.”

“I’m an academic studying climate change.”

“James Baldwin stories make me cry. Have you watched I Am Not Your Negro?”

Podcasts: Pod Save America, Another Round

Recent listen: Rihanna

Recent reads: Handmaid’s Tale

I spend a lot of time thinking about: “Bodies and how they intersect with other important things in my life: quality food, bicycling, art, and justice.”


You should message me if: “You would like a lover who can hold a conversation and enjoys getting dirty in the woods.”

This guy totally has a freezer full of heads wearing pussy hats.

*My person knows my account is still up, we laugh at these awful messages together.


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