I have an aversion to perfume, and a lot of strong fragrances. When someone near me is wearing a lot of perfume, I very literally feel like it's poison, and not oxygen. Like I can't breathe. My mom says I'm allergic to perfume but...she likes to make up facts.

I don't get itchy or sneezy (unless it's REALLY in my face, like someone sprays it at me). Just...you know. Can't breathe at all. I can't even tell if it's in my head or not haha. I mean, I suppose other people can breathe the actual air that perfume occupies so it must be in my head.

Anyway, I've never met anyone else with this problem. Am I just a weirdo? That's possible, by the way.

Fun fact: this problem seems to happen the most on airplanes and in the mall.