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Perfume lovers? Help me.

I'm about to order some samples. I have so much perfume I live off samples and decants now. Otherwise, I could never use it all. Here are my questions. First, were do you get your samples. I've tried the perfumed court (expensive, but good), Aedes de Venustas (had bad customer service in person and online so I avoid), Min (great customer service online and in person so I'm loyal). Are there other good sample services that I'm missing?


Here is my list. What do you recommend that I try?

Lubin - Gin Fizz (tried before - so fun I like to have a little around)

Lubin Figaro - I can't remember if I like this better than Philosykos?

Julliette Has a Gun - Calamity J

Frapin - Terre de Sarment - (never smelled)

Frapin - L'humanist - (never smelled)

What I want...weird, boozy, or fig (always).

Also, going through a big bulgari black phase whatever that means??

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