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Period Stages

My period and I are generally pretty good friends. I don't have heavy periods and never did, except for my very first one. After waiting and waiting as all my friends got theirs, mine showed up at age 14, in the middle of a hot and humid summer, and it proceeded to go on for 7 days, staining everything in sight and making me sick - very Biblical. And later on as an adult, the worst cramps and nausea of my life would always happen when visiting my family - how primal!

But after that first one, it settled down to a very predictable 5 day light flow for the most part, with only one bad cramp day - lucky, I know. I got it about every few months initially, and then in my early 20s it was a 35 day cycle, which I liked a lot. Post age 25, it reset itself to 27 to 30 days long, and then in my early to mid 30s, every 4 weeks, and then a little shorter, as happens in your mid 30s. That's about 5 "period life stages," so to speak, that I can count thus far. I haven't noticed any signs of perimenopause as yet, which is curious because my mom and sister both hit menopause very early (late 30s/40).

For those of you not using hormonal BC, has your cycle changed every so often like this?

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