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Periscope TW for abuse

So, today I went on Periscope. I check out all kinds of broadcasts, from drag queens making themselves up, protests, people doing prank calls, etc. sometimes I’ll look at broadcasts that are being done by very young girls. I find it highly disturbing that the comments they get are fucked up. It isn’t surprising, but it’s really upsetting. Men will ask them to do a cartwheel (that has been asked for every time I’ve seen a scope where the girl is around 9-12 years old) so their shirts will obviously lift up and expose them. “Can you put your legs behind your head?”, was another one that revolted me. These requests seem innocent to these kids because they’re young and naive, but it’s quite clearly gross when it’s being requested by an adult. I told one guy today to stop being a pervert, hoping to call him out and maybe draw the girls attention that he was not a safe person. He ended up blocking my comment as abuse, (RAGE!) so I couldn’t say anything for one minute. Is there any way to make twitter take some action here? I report what comments I see, but since they seem fine out of context- i.e. “Do you like girls?”, I doubt anything is being done to protect minors from being exploited. The girl I saw today was dressing a baby doll. She was in her room alone. I had to get off of scope because I was upset by this. Parents, please monitor your child’s online life. It’s distressing who is out there, and how many people (mainly men), that want to exploit them. Have any of you noticed this on Periscope? Check out any girl’s scope and you will. Sorry for the depressing blog, but I needed to vent. https://media.giphy.com/media/Fq8WzpyXqCB9K/giphy


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