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Permanent/long lasting birth control question

Hey all. I’m looking for any insight you may have on long-term-to-permanent birth control.

Background: I am 31. I have no kids. I have known for a long time that I do not want kids. If that changed down the road, I’d 100 percent happy to adopt or foster, but changing my mind on wanting children at all seems highly, HIGHLY unlikely. I know for a stone cold fact I don’t want to ever be pregnant though.


Complicating things slightly, I am not a candidate for hormonal birth control. I’ve tried 7 different pills that all had horrific side effects- the last one made my blood pressure jump into stage 2 hypertension range. So, that’s pretty much off the table. Based on that, I don’t know if I could even do a hormonal IUD. The copper IUD scares me, from what I’ve heard about cramping, excess bleeding and risk of perforation.

f Now, we live in the darkest fucking possible timeline for reproductive access, and I am afraid. I live in the south (Texas) and I’m fully expecting some shit to go down in the vein of Georgia and Alabama. I’m not in a place career wise or financially to pack up and move to a blue state.


My next thought is tubal ligation or bilateral salpingectomy (Fallopian tube removal instead of just having them cut and sealed). The quote I found for the procedure through my insurance is somewhere between $4000-$5000. Which is not a small amount of money, but if I could get care credit and also start saving up now it would be worth the peace of mind.

Has anyone here had their tubes tied or removed? Any thoughts or tips you can share?

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