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The worst offender, IMO.

I was putting dinner together and, as is always the case, had to do a spice hunt. This got me to thinking about something that I’m super picky about: Spice jars.

I hate with a passion jars that have the shaker thing on the top, even if there’s a little pour section. I often have to measure out large amounts of spices, so I have to pry off the tops, which has broken many a shaker top and a nail. If I don’t put it back on, I screw myself over the next time have to shake a random amount out of the jar rather than measure.


So, my one qualifier for any new spice is that it has a top that flips open to reveal a shaker, but that can also be unscrewed so I can easily measure out. I am SO picky I have re-jarred and relabeled spices if Mr. Cunning accidentally buys the terrible jars.

So, I’m curious: What are you GTer’s super picky about, to the point that people look at you weird?

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