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Person and pet thoughts and prayers. ETA: yup.

ETA: Yup. It has spread to her lungs. Her heart and breath rate is actually fine and the local vet (3-4 blocks away) actually told me what a dangerous rate was so I can look out for that. She hasn't lost much weight and the suture reaction limp sumps on her chest are just that. But yeah. The bad news from the chest x-ray shows cancer cells spreading through her lungs.

ETA continued: her appetite continues to be good. She'll finish twoi friskees cans a day (11 oz). There IS a vet at our local place that knows about holistic medicine which is more than our oncologist knew. She's not uncomfortable. Just like when she was diagnosed and had the mastectomy, there is nothing wrong with her except the cancer. Keeping her happy, full of food, and as healthy as possible is the continued goal. But she will die. And she will die soon. I have a whole unpublished post that adds another huge reason why this is not a good thing right now for Husband and I (no baby or anything). This is bad but it is expected.

Taking #cancercat in for a check up and a chest x-ray to hopefully confirm how paranoid I am and NOT about where the cancer has come back.


Every thought and prayer you've got GT because TRUST that I/we don't need this to happen right now. It's been 6 months since her diagnosis which is the end of the prognosis area for a large (over 3 cm tumor. Her's was between 2-3 cm depending on where you measured.

And fuck iOS for capitalizing Cancer every chance it gets!

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