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Person of Interest: Reflections

As per request this is a post for thoughts on the series final, season 5, the series itself, whatever comes to mind.

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Soooo...thoughts. I think it was a really fitting way to end the series, I was actually suprised of the low body count, especially that Shaw and the Machine actually survived and that Finch found Grace.
While I’m still livid that Root had to die, I think her staying around as the Machine and later as a sort of avatar was a nice thought and worked very well in my opinion. In a way this is what Root always wanted, but it’s still sad and I wish they had found a way without going the “bury your gay” route, because it’s tiresome and it sucks.

All in all I’m happy about the ending, happy that the series got it’s ending and that it didn’t suck (imo) and now I can’t wait marathoning the whole series and enjoy the transition from crime procedural to mind-blowing scifi to cold reality.

Btw...Amy Acker is an amazing voice actress and it’s fantastic that she gave the Machine the perfect voice at the right time. The Machine was such an important part of the story and she absolutely deserved to sort of become a person of her own. Every dialogue was beautiful, the way she interacted with Finch and especially with Shaw and now I wish there was a spin-off with Shaw and Bear and whoever they’d pick up along the line.

“If you were a shape, you were a straight line. An arrow.”

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