Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The hubs and I were out running errands yesterday and witnessed an older woman start to flip her shit at two very young employees at a coffee shop. This incident led to an interesting conversation, and Mr. Waffle asked me to ask GT what you all thought of this (leading question): Who/what kind of person do you typically see yelling at retail and food service employees? For us, it's usually middle aged to older white middle/upper middle class women. Because of the area we live in, we often assume (yes, we know what assuming does) they either have never worked outside the home, or at least not at a low-paying retail or food service job (your one time as a seasonal employee at Bloomingdales does not count). Direct sales also does not count, and on that topic...
I fucking hate direct sales. I fucking hate when a family member or close friend uses their personal Facebook account to push their direct sales product. My mother, my aunt, and a good friend are doing this, and I wish there was some way to block just the posts mentioning their wall sticker or gluten-free gourmet food businesses. "It's such a beautiful day! It's even better with gluten-free, peanut-free, milk-free Cran-Soy Challah Puffs baking in the oven!"
Gerd. Derm. It.


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