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Personal, private ladyparts question


Ok, now that we've weeded out the gynocracy pretenders, I have a question.

My vagina is very reasonable and reliable. Like, she behaves. I've only ever had yeast infections twice, both because of antibiotics. Fuckin' antibiotics. That's a whole other post.


Anyway, I've had regular periods, nothing too itchy or uncomfortable, no problems during sex or anything like that. YAY RELIABLE VAGS!

But lately, she's been really... juicy? Like, really, really productive. I've been going to the bathroom to wipe my vulva on the regular, not cuz I have to pee or anything, I'm just juicy.

There's no itch or smell or weirdness about the discharge. Nothing to indicate infection. There's just a lot.

So, what the hell is this? Has anyone else ever had this? I've had times that are more productive than others but this is nuts! I'm about 2 weeks from my period and this has been going on for maybe 3 days, if that helps.


On a more enjoyable note, what do you call your private ladyparts?

In addition to actual medical terms, I say hoo hoo, coochie, privates, private poochies, and velvet furnace. Also, I sing "Private Poochies" to the tune of "Private Dancer." Living with me must be a blast. ;)

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