There was a time in my life when I felt ahead of the curve, in terms of looking and feeling put together. Somehow, I've fallen behind.

Maybe it's just that since I started my new job this fall, I haven't had a lot of time for myself. Or, being in a new city, that 'the look' is different and I haven't quite adapted. Or maybe, it's that I can't rely on my old friends here, and am trying really hard to impress my new friend group but lack new tricks.

Whatever it is, I've decided I need some upgrades to feel renewed and pretty and special again. I've carefully crafted a list of inner and outer beauty areas on which to focus, and in the coming weeks, will be posting some to GT for the advice of the hivemind.

Welcome to Katesy's Personal Renaissance (TM)!


The topic I'd like to talk about today is advanced eye makeup. This post is inspired by all the pretty makeup posts the ladies of GroupThink have been tossing up lately. It's made me feel jealous, like I should learn something beyond the basics. So help a sister out.

Right now, my eye makeup routine is simple: Tarte mascara and a great brow pencil. It's a nice look for everyday (part of my dewy, fresh vibe) and totally within my wheelhouse (I'm a whiz with mascara and a master of brow-wrangling).But sometimes a lady just wants to look different - a little glam or extra-special or even punky. And that's where some eyeliner and eyeshadow skills would come in handy. On a special occasion, my tricks are pretty much limited to tossing on a little lower lid eyeliner with a pencil, but I never did master much more. FYI - I own but very rarely use a liquid eyeliner, as I can't seem to get it quite right. And I stopped using eyeshadow in about high school because: 1) I have small upper lids and feel like eyeshadow just makes them look smaller; and, 2) I feel like I always skirt the line with eyeshadow of looking dated.


With that in mind, I ask you, lovely people, for your best advanced eye makeup-ing tips - especially for liner and shadow - and would love recommendations for products and tutorials (the Internet's a big place, and it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff of beauty videos).

Oh yeah, and here are my eyes (brown).