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Personal Statement for Grad School, HOW U WORK?

No, but seriously, I've been working on my grad application (for Library and Information Science) for the past few weeks. It's pretty much done. The forms are filled out, my transcript it in, my resume is uploaded, and I have two people who will write me letters of recommendation. The only thing I have left to do is give them $50 and upload a personal statement.

But this personal statement, holy-christ-on-a-cracker-being-eaten-by-a-bigger-christ, is just kicking my ass. I've done some talking with my old college advisor, who is one of my letters of recommendation. She suggested talking about an "aha!" moment of when I knew that being a librarian would be a good career path, and then go from there. I did that, and I like what I wrote, but I'm just so damn stuck on what to say next.

Anyone have advice?


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