Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Personal Uplifting News

Hi, I know my last post was a real bummer. I will post an update sometime soon. However, I wanted to share some positive news with you. On Sunday I was part of co-leading a workshop that I’m training to become a facilitator for. It is called Heart of Now, it is sort of mindfulness based and somatic focused method of communication(www.heartofnow.org if any of you are interested). Anyways, it is and was a great thing for me to participate in, very emotionally juicy and moving. However, after the workshop was over I noticed a woman who I am somewhat acquainted with sitting with a very distraught expression on her face. I talked to her and in the course of our conversation she said the words “I’m just so tired, and I don’t feel safe to go home.” I offered to let her stay with me in my spare room for at least a few nights and she accepted. She came over and we spent some time talking and I shared some of my techniques to get stuck energies out of the body. The next day she went looking for a new place and found one(which was just plain lucky). She called me and announced that she realized that her boyfriend was emotionally abusive and she can’t look at him without feeling revulsion, and that she feels like she’d been out of her body and not herself for nearly two years, and she feels like she’s back. She just needed some safety to really see what was happening. They have now broken up. Sometimes people just need a little time and attention that gives them the space to make a good decision. Bonus, I made a friend who is awesome on the inside. So, what are some positive developments your life?


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