I don't know where else to express this that the response won't be sighs and "lighten up."

Every time I see that white male anchor dancing to Taylor Swift while the female anchor glares at him I feel bad for the female anchor.

I have more thoughts on why but I haven't fleshed them out. I just wanted to see if others had a similar feeling about it.


This just reminds me of how women are always aware that everything they do is going to be judged. She did nothing in this situation and there are people calling her stuck up and a bitch. It is to the point where the male anchor went to his Facebook to ask people to stop commenting negatively about her.

It also reminds of how hilarious it is when a man dresses as a woman. That humor of how funny it is when a man does something feminine.


He is dancing to Taylor Swift's song that is geared toward women with that constant chorus telling us/women to ignore what people are saying about you while at the same time the female anchor, presumably, can't "Shake It Off."

I also looked up their respective bios and maybe it's just me but all I could think was it reads like she worked her ass off to get where she is. http://www.wvnstv.com/category/22425…

And I apologize for any incoherence. I'm trying to piece together thoughts.

ETAA I took out the C/P bios since they were messy and I can't sit here and fix him.