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Pet Avengers Cartoon Movie Why Has This Not Been Made?

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Seriously this would be like printing money.

I loved the story. Its a collection called Lockjaw and The Pet Avengers Unleashed. The major Avengers were Ms Lion who is a dog and lives with Aunt May, Hairball a cat and Frog Thor a Frog who has the power and minihammer of Thor.


Lion and Hairball were very funny bantering. They completely made me think of the funniest bantering duo ever in 20th Century literature Monk and Ham. Like Monk amd Ham sure they bickered but you knew they really would fight together. Ok Ms Lion and Hairball are normal animals but brave.

I enjoyed the story. It was fun. The cartoon panels were well done.

Note if you are in a thrift shop. Always check the children books. I have found graphic novels, Savage Sword of Conan Compilations and lots of Manga. There are clerks who think if appears to be a comic it has to be for kids.

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