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Pet Insurance - do I need this thing?

My grandparents’ dog passed yesterday, and it wasn’t something anyone could have done anything about. He was a small breed and he was 13 years old, so it was really just old age. But it made me think about what I would do if one of my cats got sick. I have 3 and they are all relatively young (3-5 years), neutered, and in good health. Although one girl is pudgy. We’re working on that.

We had to take our boy to the emergency vet this year because he got into a fight, and that was $200 which was a lot but actually not so bad that we couldn’t just pay it out of pocket. But that’s the only time any one of them has ever needed emergency care.

Do you guys have pet insurance? Which insurance companies are good for this?Is it worth it if you have 3 pets?


I got some quotes just now and it looks like it would be about $50 a month to cover all of them, and that’s just for emergency stuff, it wouldn’t cover yearly checkups. So I’m wondering if I should get insurance for them or just start a savings account and put in $50 monthly, and have that be our emergency pet care savings.

What do you think?

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