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Pet Loss and a question

TW going to discuss the loss of a pet below as well as decisions re: memorials/burial/cremation/etc...

I am most definitely either a crazy cat lady or borderlining on one...I have 4 cats at the moment.


Pictured above is my kitty soulmate, had her from 16-31 and I quite literally had a mental breakdown after she died in January 2015 (admittedly she was just the breaking point but still, she was my shadow and best buddy). This was my first pet-loss as an adult and I had her cremated and kept the ashes. I bought an urn on Amazon right awayand got pictures and a frame ready to do a little photo-thing for her...I just put her in the urn today/did the photos.

First off I totally spilled, but it wasn’t as traumatic as I thought, it was kind of funny by the time I was somehow ripping the ashes bag and spilling it all over the kitchen. Anyways, morbid question is what should I do with the ashes that didn’t fit in the urn? Scatter? Put them in a houseplant?

My other morbid thought is that unfortunately my eldest cat isn’t doing well and probably won’t see the end of the year. His sister is one year younger and already took the loss of my cat last year terribly, I’m dreading the thought of my poor little (she’s like a super tiny cat!) girl without her friends. She’s scared of cat 3 and cat 4 just joined us - she’s my bf’s cat and the other three have united slightly in their hatred of Dreaded New Cat.

So I’m worried I’ll probably have two more goodbyes in the not too distant future, am I going to be a freak if I have 3 cat urns? Should I be rethinking my process here, on logic alone? I will continue to be a cat lady, I’m never going to be like oh these old cat ashes, fuck em! So this might start being a large and potentially disconcerting collection.


How have you dealt with pet remains? My cat being an indoor animal and us being renters also factor in my decisions and cost is a biggie...

Beyond the physical what are some memorial things you’ve done for your pets? Feel free to share if you’re comfortable, some more of my cats are below as a thank you for reading thus far! I’ll post the urn/photo collage-thing I made in the comments


Eta I'm in bed and I sat up to get comfy. Now there is a cat on my pillow. Good thing I love them so much, I just washed this pillowcase!

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