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Pet Names Dilemma

I recently adopted 2 dogs and unfortunately the rescue has no ideas what their names were. However, they lived together and are a bonded pair and it is the cutest thing!! I always wanted 2 dogs but was too scared they wouldn’t like each other, so this is perfect!!

They are a boy and girl dog, and it is possible they had puppies together not too long ago - at any rate the little girl seems to have had puppies (they have been spayed and neutered by the rescue).


Usually I let dogs or cats name themselves and I have had good luck with that, but it has been a week and I want to solve this problem today. It would be nice to have paired names but it isn’t really necessary. Just this morning I thought I had an inspiration to name them Gilly and Sam, and I do think this little girl is a perfect Gilly but then I remembered that my neighbor’s name is Sam and that would be too weird. He seems like more of a Jack - names after Jack Aubrey. What do you think, GT — Gilly and Jack, or can you-all think of something else??

Here they are! Gilly is the dark one. They aren’t as huge as they seem in this picture - I think she’s a dachsund crossed with a corgi or cocker spaniel or something, and he seems like a golden crossed with a corgi or mini spitz or something in the mini husky family.

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