Can we have a little furry inanity up in here tonight? (I love expressive animals.)

When I was a teenager, my mom’s partner had a book called Dogs and Their Women. It is a super sweet book with pictures of women with their dogs accompanied by something written by the women about their dogs. It will make you cry. One of the ones I remember well was just a full page of the progression of the nicknames she had given her dog.

I’ve only recently had pets of my own, but I think of that book every time the nicknames for our cats evolve. Our first cat was named by my older son and his given name is Oscar. It has since evolved to Hoscar LeMeow [Lastname] said in a snooty voice. Our second cat was named by my younger son (3 at the time) and her given name is Olaf. She has gone from Olaf, to Olaffles (there is a waffle iron that makes Olaf-the-snowman shaped waffles), to simply “Waffles!” said in the tone of an excited child. Sometimes she also gets Wiffles or Woofles as well.

Your turn! Tell me the evolution of your pets names! Pictures of fuzzbutts in question are always welcome.

ETA: Y’all reminded me of a couple more! Both cats have been called Bug Face Kittah when they’ve had fleas and Olaf sometimes gets called Moo-yow because she was feral and will basically shove her head in the cat food bag when I’m filling up her bowl.