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Pet Parents/Pet Guardians

BlueTexan had a post last night where people would list the nicknames they have for their pets. I was wondering how people here would define their own relationship to said critters. A friend of mine will very emphatically tell you that “I AM Duli’s mommy,” while my own mother, who loves her little chihuahua as much or more than an actual human baby, HATES being referred to as his mom. Think about it too much and the implication is rather disgusting.

I don’t call myself a dog Dad for that reason, though I happily accept being “Uncle” to other people’s pets that I’ve subverted. Maybe the bit of distance in the family relationship makes it more palatable.


Another divide is between pet “owner” and pet “guardian.” I agree that it is pretty messed up to refer to your furry love bug as pure property, but I just can’t call myself a pet guardian. I’d feel like too much of a ridiculous person. Also not down with declaring myself “Master.” They don’t even listen to me that well!

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