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Pet Peeve

Sometimes, it really gets on my nerves when people like to point out that my route towards the career I want is going to take me a lot of years. Yeah, I know. This is something I chose for myself. I knew this going in. I know that I'm going to be in school for another 7 years and that I'll be working in my first real adult career at the age of 30 with a mounting pile of huge fucking tuition debt. Yeah, it sucks to see many of my friends and the people I graduated with working and knowing that they're making money while I am not and will not be making salary till I'm 30+. But I'm capable and want to do the best for myself. I am passionate about the career field I chose and know that when I am finally out of school, I'll have both job stability and success. It's a sacrifice you make, I suppose.

That's why I hate when people say that the best time of our lives are in our 20s. As if they're trying to say that I'm missing out on a whole decade's worth of life experiences that I somehow can't have later on in life. It makes me angry, because I'm NOT wasting my 20s. For many of us, there's still a whole life to live. In fact, I'm excited for my 30s!


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